Security Update Instructions
Netscape 7 (or higher) for Windows-based PC

Step 2

How To Download your Digital Certificate
from Nielsen Media Research

To access the secure NMR web pages, you will need to download a digital certificate from our web server, following the instructions below. To import the certificate you may need the “Master Password”. The “Master Password” is a feature of Netscape that protects sensitive information such as web passwords and certificates.

1.      Click on the link below to go to the following address, which is case sensitive:

Be sure to include the ‘s’ in https.

2.    On the Certificate Request Form enter your personalized Shared Secrets #1 and #2.  Please refer to your personalized email communication.

3.     After reviewing the terms and conditions of use, enter your secrets and click I Accept to process your request for a digital certificate.


You are not finished!  Please proceed to Step 3.



 Step 3

(If you are renewing your digital certificate you do not need to complete this step.)

1.      Go to the address: to select your password.

This password will be used in conjunction with your UserID when logging into the Nielsen Media Research secure pages.

       A prompt will appear in the web browser to select the digital certificate to be used, from the list of digital certificates available.

Select the certificate that states your name and click on Ok to proceed.

2.      You will be prompted to log into the NMR Canada Secure Realm.

Please enter Secret #1 into both the User Name and Password boxes for this first time.


         You will be prompted to change your password to something unique (6-8 characters).

3. Enter your Current Password (Secret #1) then a new password of your choice into the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes.

4. Click Change Password to confirm the changes.


     After your login credentials have been validated by the server, you will be presented with a personalized, welcoming menu of options.  This is a quick list of access points that your user account is permitted to access.  However, you will normally select from the list of options on the main home page.

The digital certificate will be valid for one year from the date of installation on the PC to which it was just downloaded.

When the certificate expires you will no longer be able to access the secure pages.  In this case, you will need to simply download the digital certificate again (Steps 1-2 above).  When renewing your digital certificate please disregard Step 3.